Something in boxing will never shock up and one of those is the audacity of fighters who will try to tell fans they are the best when they fight no one of note. One such case of this is Scotland's Craig Windsor Jr who recently claimed an EBF title despite failing a drugs test and being banned.

Yes you did read that right, Windsor won a title despite being banned.

Windsor, from Coatbridge the same town as Ricky Burns, was banned earlier this year by the British Board Board of Control (BBBofC). Typically all bans by the BBBofC are carried out through all of the EBU (European Boxing Union), the professional boxing overseers for Europe.

Unfortunately bans put out on "professional boxing" doesn't extend to the realms outside of the EBU, so "unsanctioned" and even "white collar" fighting is allowed as is fighting in bouts sanctioned in a none EBU organisation.

Windsor took advantage of those rules recently when he started his own sanctioning body, the "Professional Boxing Organisation", and under the "Professional Boxing Organisation" he set up his own title, the EBF "European Boxing Foundation".

Soon after setting up those organisations Windsor fought for and won the European Boxing Foundation European title, presumably at Super Middleweight, beating a Mexican.

Yes, a banned boxer beat a Mexican for a European title. And we all thought the WBC were a bunch of clowns!

Unfortunately the story has yet another sub-story as the "European Boxing Federation" claim that Windsor is piggybacking on their name by naming his organisation the "European Boxing Foundation", with both obviously sharing the EBF initials the confusion is simple.

We've got to be honest we'd love to see Windsor in with the true European champion, just to see Windsor getting his head smashed in for taking a crap on our great sport!

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