I will admit that Geography isn't my strong point. In fact it's fair to say that Geography was one of my weakest subjects at school, however I'm pretty such that France isn't part of South America, this however didn't prevent Frenchman Johann Duhaupas (28-1, 17) from becoming the "South American" Heavyweight champion in 2011 in a bout that was odd for a number of reasons.

As part of a mega Panamanian card, that was headlined by Hernan Marquez's memorable first bout against Luis Concepcion, Duhaupas faced Bolivian (no Mike Tyson jokes, thank you!) Saul Farah (41-15-3, 35) for the, aforementioned, South American title.

Whilst it's odd enough to have a Frenchman fighting for a South American title that wasn't the only odd feature of this bout. The amount of rounds was also odd with the bout scheduled for only 9 rounds, every other bout for the title, in it's history (dating back to 1919) has been for 10, 12 or 15 rounds.

In the actual fight it's self Duhaupas got off to an amazing start, dropping Farah in the opening round, before dropping him again the following round to record a 2nd round TKO win and become the first ever European "South American Heavyweight Champion".

Interestingly Duhaupas never defended the title, and this coming weekend the vacant title will be fought for in Brazil as Romildo Dos Santos (5-0, 5) faces Jose Antonio Fausto (2-0, 1) for the belt in an All Brazilian affair.
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You might want to look up French Guiana. France does have a region in South America.


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