With Arthur Abraham (35-3, 27) having recently won the WBO Super Middleweight title by defeating Robert Stieglitz (42-3, 23) I decided to have a look at "King Arthur's" record. Whilst doing this I remember a fight he had at the start of the year against Argentinian Pablo Oscar Natalio Farias (currently 21-2, 13) who some may remember was known as "Pokémon".

So why am I bringing up this obscure Argentinian, cartoon fan who was beaten By Abraham? Well his fight with Abraham was for a regional alphabet title, the WBO European Super Middleweight title.

Until fighting Abraham, Farias had never fought out of Argentina. In fact Farias was born, raised, currently lives in and makes his career in Argentina so how exactly did he manage to end up fighting for a "European" title?

I can understand Abraham fighting for a European regional title, he was born in Armenia and is based in Germany, but I really have no idea how Farias managed to fight for the title. Would the WBO please explain this one?

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