Picture"Luke, I am your father!"
Some nicknames make sense. The popular "Zurdo" nickname used by a lot of Mexicans for example, means simply "southpaw" (or "lefty") others however leave us wondering why a fighter has been given a particular name.

One man who's nickname has confused us is that of Heavyweight stalwart Denis Bakhtov, known to some as "Darth Vader".

The Kazakhstan born Russian fighter who has fought more than 40 times since turning professional in 1999 doesn't look like the type of guy you'd see at a Star Wars convention however that may well be where his name comes from.

Another theory we have is that Bakhtov has a son called Luke and likes to use the "Luke, I am your father" line.

We'll admit it, we're not sure.

The experienced fighter, who has faced a genuine who's who of Heavyweight boxing, will be looking for win #37 in just a few days as he takes on novice Vladimir Goncharov. If Bakhtov has the darkside in him don't be too shocked if he stops his upstart opponent early on.

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