Some names are supposed to be jokes, I get that, but sometimes a joke goes on too long and I think a perfect example of that is Ernest Butts III who is presumably the third generation of Ernest Butts in the same family!

Mr Butts (the third) is a Georgian Light Welterweight with an awful 0-3 record but lets be honest when your name is "Butts" your likely to be a bum!

I'm wondering what Mr Butts's father, grandfather and great grandfather were smoking when they each named their kid "Ernest Butts" surely someone thought "hang on, this is a stupid name, lets not subject my kid to the same torment I had to endure", if not they maybe they deserved to be the butt (pun intended) of jokes!

Whilst Mr Butt isn't going to be a memorable fighter he does have a memorable name and is getting more press time than some more talented fighters with boring names so I guess that's an advantage for him...even if much of what is written is merely mocking his parents choice in name.

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