All boxing fans have heard of Eric "Butterbean" Esch. The larger than life American Heavyweight who has been featured not only in a boxing ring but also in a wide variety of media including Jackass, WWF, Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling  and various other TV shows. He is after all a very, very well known fighter, even if he was more of a comedy figure than a world level boxer.

Less well known how ever is Finnish Heavyweight Janne Johannes Katajisto (11-0-1, 5), who scored his biggest win so far just a few weeks ago by defeating veteran Brit Danny Williams (44-12-0-1, 33) by 8 round unanimous decision. Despite being much less well known Katajisto has a well known nickname, the "Finnish Butterbean", this is due to his physical similarity to Esch.

Like Esch, Katajisto is a short round and skin headed fighter with more rolls around the middle than any human should have, so the nickname was always an obvious one Though sadly at 33 years old the "Finnish Butterbean" is unlikely to ever make any where near the same sizable (excuse the pun) splash as the original Butterbean.

Katajisto made his debut back in 2009 (see the video below for that) and won his first 8 bouts claiming the very lightly regarded Baltic Boxing Union International Heavyweight title along the way.

In his 9th professional bout Katajisto could only score a draw with Latvian journeyman Pavels Dolgovs, the only so far on Katajisto's record. Since then however he has strung together 3 successive victories (including the decision win over Williams) which has seen him becoming the Finnish Heavyweight Champion. Though real questions do need to be asked about just how far he will go.

Video here thanks to MiikaF (it's of Katajisto's debut v Igor Evseev)

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