On this site I've tended to stay away from the Amateur boxing scene. In all honesty I don't tend to follow it, I don't tend to care too much for it and what I do what I tend to feel is badly scored and frustrating to make sense of. Just take the recent Olympics for example where poor scoring, poor decisions and some awful officiating really made the tournament unwatchable at times. However when I do look at amateur boxing for this site, I tend to find something a bit special....such as Ghana's amazingly named Prince Octopus Dzanie.

The royally named Octopoda honestly has one of the best names I've ever seen in sport. Not only has it got animal links (where are always brilliant) but he's also got the royal theme which makes the name doubly brilliant. Sadly however Dzanie's most memorable moment inside the ring was an 11:2 loss to Cuban Idel Torriente in the 2008 Olympic games.

Although it was rumoured in 2011 that Dzanie was about to turn professional it seems that his debut was cancelled, though I'm not sure what he's gone on to do since then...however he was featured, at least by name on British TV show "A Question Of Sport", as you can see in the clip below.

Clip courtesy of BBC

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