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If a name could sum up a fighter I doubt many would want the moniker given to Filipino journeyman Rodel Tejares (20-27-4, 5) who is known to many simply as "Hard Worker".

We're not sure why Tejares got his name though we've got 2 separate theories:
1-Tejares is a fighter who is always in the gym and always ready to fight. His record of 50 fights in 9 years is pretty impressive so it's a theory that could be right
2-Tejares is very limited and just tries incredibly hard every time he's in the ring. Win or lose Tejares works hard. To us this theory seems more likely, though it's possible that there is a different reason all together.

Although Tejares is all but unknown in the West he has faced a genuine who's who in the East including Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, Kompayak Porpramook,     Tepparith Kokietgym, Xiong Zhao Zhong, Merlito Sabillo, Pornsawan Porpramook and Denkaosan Kaovichit (all former or current world champions) often giving a solid account of himself despite suffering numerous defeats.

Aged 28 Tejares is a fighter who has now suffered 8 losses in his last 9 bouts, including 3 by stoppage and it's unlikely his fortunes will turn around. Unfortunately with the punishment he's being forced to take it's likely that his career won't last much, though the "Hard Worker" will likely manage to find another career somewhere, you know, with his hard work!

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