Of all the things I think you could name your kid, "Washington Cameo Curry" (0-1) maybe amongst the absolute worst.

We know having one name that means something specific is pretty bad, but to have 3 names with actual meanings is just incredibly unfortunate. It gets worth though when your name actually sounds like it could be a type of food. Although I'm not certain what a "Washington Cameo Curry" would be, it does sound like a rather nice local dish from Washington, take your pick on which one, which is only served on very rare occasions.

I can just imagine myself walking in to a Curry house and ashing for a "Washington Cameo Curry with egg fried rice, and spring rolls please" and then being disappointed when I got an American boxer in my order.

Mr Curry fights for the second time this coming weekend and we're really hoping that he can give us a hot and spicy performance against the unbeaten Antonio Urista (3-0, 1).

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