After a recent discussion on popular boxing forum "Ringnews24" I've decided to do a group post here under the title "Zimbabwean Heavyweights". As you're almost certainly aware Zimbabwe doesn't have the greatest record for boxers, with arguably the best known fighter from Zimbabwe being Derrick Chisora (15-4, 9). Though that hasn't stopped them from having some of the greatest names in sporting history.

Lets start with maybe the most controversial "Hitler The Killer" (0-2). Hitler made his debut in 1977 losing in 2 rounds to Howard Chisango who would twice challenge for the Zimbabwean national Light Heavyweight title. After taking 5 years out from the sport Hitler returned and was stopped again, this time in 5 rounds by Hisman 'Flash' Chisango. Interestingly in 1984 Hisman 'Flash' Chisango went on to beat George Foreman for the Central African Light Heavyweight Title (yes it wasn't that George Foreman!).

Rather nicely George Foreman links us wonderfully to two another amazingly named Zimbabwean Heavyweights. The best of those two names is Captain Cleopas Marvel (3-10, 1) who I'm sure must be the closest thing to a super hero Zimbabwean boxing has ever seen. Mr Marvel fought 13 times between  1982 and 1990 and actually made his debut against the other wonderful name on George Foreman's record, a man named Proud Kilimanjaro (32-6-0-1, 28) who was certainly the stand out of the fighters.

Kilimanjaro (real name Proud Chinembriri) made his debut in 1981 stopping Black Tiger in his debut and claimed various titles through out the 1980's and challenger for the Commonwealth Heavyweight title before losing to the talented Brit Horace Notice in 1987 (this fight can be seen at the bottom of this post). He eventually hung up his gloves in 1990, but not before facing some other wonderfully named fighters himself.

Included in the other names on Kilimanjaro's record were the Beatles inspired "Walter Ringo Starr" (7-8, 3) who actually had his career ended by Kilimanjaro in 1982 when Star was stopped inside a round in a bout for the Zimbabwean Heavyweight title. Starr had himself been around since since 1974 and had, in a clash of popular music, been stopped by South African Robbie Williams in 1979 (Williams is himself remembered for almost claiming the WBA Cruiserweight title from Ossie Ocassio).

Possibly the best name that Kilimanjaro faced however was Jukebox Timebomb (2-3, 2) who debuted in 1985 by stopping Elisha Kanyeala before losing to Kilimanjaro in his second bout. Funnily before retiring in 1991 Timebomb had himself scored a win over a great named fighter with a stoppage over a man known as Bonyongo Destroyer (0-6). Bonyongo Destroyer (real name John Mutema) was stopped in all 6 of his bouts between 1989 and 1998 including a 1 round blow out to one time British champion James Oyebola.

Whilst Hitler the Killer is arguably the most offensive, he does have stiff competition as I take this post full circle and give you Sando First Son the Devil (0-1) who fought a solitary bout in 1978 losing to Allan Joseph on points.

Credit for the video below goes to ohyeah445
Sarah Mtandwa
7/31/2014 09:12:19 pm

Great article to read, my father is Hisman 'Flash' Chisango, and uncle Howard Chisango :)

8/5/2014 11:41:05 pm

As you're almost certainly aware Zimbabwe doesn't have the greatest record for boxers, with arguably the best known fighter from Zimbabwe being Derrick Chisora (15-4, 9).

Eh, hang on. in that one sentence you spoiled an otherwise reasonable article. Zimbabwe - particularly in africa and the commonwealth has actually enjoyed a good degree of success in boxing. yes you concentrate on heavy weights here but across the divisions the country has been good. the likes of mosquito, stix macloud, kid power were particularly good. and inspite of a background in which training facilities were so limited, kilimanyaro (not proud kilimanjaro!) became a feared boxer in the commonwealth with future world boxing champion lennox lewis' manager once commenting he didn't want his fighter to face kilimanjaro coz 'he is a killer with explosive fists'.


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