"The Po'uha fight. He hit me with a right and I didn't know my name. So I bite him on the shoulder to stop him from hitting me."-Andrew Golota

The always controversial Andrew Golota (41-9-1-1, 33) explains the hardest punch he ever felt and his reaction as Samson Po'uha detached him from his senses in round 4 of their memorable 1995 contest.

In the previous round Po'uha had been given two counts and was hardly expected to even come out for round 4. Not only did the hard hitting Tongan come out for the round but he came incredibly close to stopping the then unbeaten (and highly ranked) Golota.

Unfortunately for Po'uha his 4th round assault saw him blowing his load and he was unable to land much of note in round 5 before being stopped himself very late in the round after being dropped 3 times in the round.

Thank you to Ringobserver.com for this one.
"I had a doctor hypnotise Andrew and so now Andrew thinks that the testicles is above the belt rather than below."-Don King

The always quote worthy Don King had to have one of his numerous quotes on here somewhere and here we are. Don King seemingly thought that having Andrew Golota hypnotised would turn the "Foul Pole" into a world beater though it all it likely did was leave Andrew hitting more testicles believing them to be level punches.