"This fighter unsportsmanlike conduct kissing that fighter, you do not kiss a fighter 1 point, 2 points intentional 2 points"-David Denkin

It's rare that a referee has the best quote of the night but David Denkin stole the show on 4th October 2008 when Trenton Titsworth kissed Jessie Vargas. Denkin decided that boxing fans wanted to see a fight and not a love in and punished Titsworth not only for a kiss but for the fact the kiss was "intentional" (how exactly does one accidentally kiss someone?)

Since the bout Vargas has become one of the most hyped young American's around the boxing scene and has moved to 19-0 (9) whilst Titsworth has fallen to 4-13-1 (2). David Denkin however has become one of the busiest judges in boxing having judges over 30 bouts so far this year.

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