PictureCourtesy of boxrec.com
In the Simpson's episode "The harder they fall" the Simpson patriarch, Homer, takes up boxing after it's discovered that he can really take a good beating with out falling over. When taken to the doctors it's later found that Homer has an abnormally large layer of fluid around his brain. It seemed like a funny idea and a cool way for the the Simpson's team to get in a Don King and Mike Tyson style characters. What I didn't expect however was for one of my favourite fighters to actually have something similar.

Japanese boxer Ryota Murata (2-0, 2) was found, in a CT scan to have a skull that is 1.5 times thicker than usual. Whilst Murata has skills to back up his "abnormal skull" it's still an interesting case of real life mimicking comedy.

As with Homer Murata has shown and impressive chin and a solid ability to take a puncher, as he displayed through his amateur career. From where I'm sat however I'm hoping he'll go on to claim a world title, something Homer failed to do losing to the Mike Tyson styled "
Drederick Tatum".

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