If a judge scores 1 bad card in a night we're often unhappy but when a judge scores 2 bad cards in the same we, here at www.weirdboxing.info need to make an example and include that judge into our "Officially Inept" hall of shame. What makes Juergen Langos stand out even more is that he actually filled in poor cards in consecutive bouts! AND worse yet seems to be friends with one of the fighters he favoured!

Firstly Langos scored the WBC Mediterranean middleweight title bout between Goekalp Oezekler and Mouez Fhima. In that bout he felt Oezekler won by a score of 115-114 and helped Oezekler to a very controversial split decision victory despite many neutral observers feeling that Fhima clearly dominated the bout. We at Werid Boxing had score cards of 118-110, 119-109 and 120-108 and Europsport commentators Glen Catley and Steve Holdsworth also felt that Fhima had clearly won the bout.

How Langos managed to score the bout 115-114 is a real mystery to us as he must have had 6 rounds to Oezekler, 5 rounds to Fhima and 1 round evens. No way did Oezekler manage to win more than 3 rounds.

Langos then followed that sham card up with his card in the European Cruiserweight title bout between Alexander Alekseev and veteran Firat Arslan which he scored 116-113 to Alekseev. Whilst this bout much closer than the Oezekler v Fhima bout it was again one that we were struggling to see Alexseev as the winner in.

If truth be told we had Arslan winning a majority decision on our cards with scores of 115-114, 115-113 and 114-114 due to his better work rate in the early rounds. Whilst Alekseev did dominate some of the later rounds he had simply lost too many rounds to make up the difference.

Rather embarrassingly Juergen Langos is Facebook friends with Alexander Alekseev in what is actually a shocking turn of events though an explanation of sorts as to how he managed to have the score card he had. We were disgusted at finding this out and actually feel it brings to light a major issue of boxers and judges being friends and the impartiality of the judging. Even more damning is the fact that Goekalp Oezekler's trainer Otkay Urkal is also "friends" with Juergen Langos. Did Langos do favours for 2 of his friends with the ridiculous score cards he produced or was it a coincidence?

Whilst we can appreciate a judge scoring a close bout either way the simple fact of the matter is that the Oezekler v Fhima bout wasn't close and the Arslan v Alekseev bout was simply scored wrong (and the damning light of the Facebook friendship). So Mr Juergen Langos, you are, “Officially Inept”.

Evidence of Mr Langos' friendship with Mr Alekseev can be seen here.
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