When I first started this site I thought it'd be a bit of fun and whilst the main of the site is meant to be fun and cheery part of it sadly aren't that fun. One of the least fun bits is feeling that the sport of boxing is laughing at us, the fans. Sadly however the fact Juergen Langos is still in the sport really does show that the sport likes to laugh at up.

A few months ago I did the first "Officially inept" and looked at Juergen Langos after he had made 2 appalling judging decisions. Those decisions, favouring both Goekalp Oezekler (over Mouez Fhima) and Alexander Alekseev (over Firat Arslan) were both against popular wisdom and were both sadly linked to Langos' "Facebook Friends" (Alexseev was a direct friend whilst Oezekler's trainer-Oktay Urkal, was a friend). Whether it was corruption or not, it looked dodgy.

You would have assumed, after we'd pointed that out, that somebody would have gone "wait a minute, lets not have Langos involved with either of those fighters in the future". Sadly however, Langos will be the referee this weekend when Goekalp Oezekler faces Albert Ayrapetyan in a bout for the German International Middleweight title (I'm not going to get started on how a Turk can face a Russian for a "German title").

Whilst Oezekler is 13-1 (6) and we've only got concrete proof that Langos was involved in 1 of those 14 bouts, we do find it suspicious that he's being given a role in another Oezekler fight so soon after his favourable judging display last time out.

Away from the business with Oezekler we've also been made away of other controversial issues with Langos, and trust me there are numerous issues, so lets just look at this short list of "Juergen Langos' memorable officiating moments":
  1. Stopping Danny Williams v Manuel Charr-I've really no idea why he stopped this
  2. Scoring Roy Jones Jr v Pawel Glazewski-96-94 to Jones was a joke, even more so when you remember Jones was dropped hard in round 6, meaning Langos must have given a 10-10 round at some point.
  3. Johnathon Banks v Jason Gavern-Langos failed to rule a knockdown scored by Banks which ultimately cost him the bout.

    Whilst I won't say that Langos is the worst referee or judge in the business, he certainly isn't up there with the best. If I was connected to Albert Ayrapetyan I would have made a big, big deal out of Langos' previous involvement in a Oezekler fight, though hopefully the Russian will be able to fight his style with out Langos interfering when Oezekler gets hit.

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