Whilst British boxing fans are busy discussing the upcoming bout between Dereck Chisora (15-3, 9) and David Haye (25-2, 23) we've decided to look through some of Chisora's many controversial moments. The first moment we've decided to look at takes place during Chisora's second bout with Paul Butlin.

When Butlin first faced Chisora back in 2008 Butlin had given the Zimbabwe born Chisora the toughest bout of his career up to that point. Whilst Chisora moved to 4-0 (1) and Butlin fell to 11-4 (2) some had felt that the 39-37 score for Chisora was slightly generous for the unbeaten man.

In 2009 the men fought a rematch with Butlin (then 12-8, 3) given just 5 days notice to face Chisora (then 9-0, 5). By the 5th round Chisora had started to become frustrated by the fact that Butlin wasn't going to just roll over for him. After Butlin threw a flurry (mostly landing on the gloves of Chisora) the two men tied up, then, on the blind side of referee Dave Parris Chisora chose to take a bite at Butlin's right ear.

Whilst Chisora had "gotten" away with it in the ring he had been caught on video camera by Sky TV who were recording the bout and he would later be hit with a fine (£2,500) and a multi-month ban from the sport. Although he won the bout on points he had gotten into hot water and as we have seen it wouldn't be the last time.

After the bout Chisora was reported as saying "Butlin didn't come to fight that night and I was bored stiff. I thought I'd liven things up a little bit. Would I do it again? I'd probably bite it off next time." Something that was highly unfair on Butlin who had been given just a few days notice.

Video below shows the bite and is thanks to boxingpreview1
Post fight boxing interviews can often be boring and meaningless, though occasionally they are interesting, funny or insightful. Mike Tyson's interview after defeating Clifford Etienne in 2003 may well be the most hilarious post fight interview by any former Heavyweight champion. After interviewer Jim Gray asks whether Mike was sick the interview suddenly becomes hilarious for the wrong reason.

Sadly this post fight interview came after Tyson's final professional victory and he returned to the ring only twice more suffering embarrassing to both Danny Williams and Kevin McBride in his subsequent bouts. After the loss to McBride in 2005 Tyson retired from the sport with a career record of 50-6-0-2 (44). Since hanging up the gloves Tyson has however seemed a happier man and has appeared in Hollywood smash “The Hangover” as well as documentary on his own life and his own TV series.

Clifford Etienne's career would also continue on until 2005 with him winning 5 of his following 8 bouts before having his career curtailed by a series of serious criminal issues. By the time Etienne's career was over he had a record of 29-4-2 (20) with a number of notable wins including decisions over Lamon Brewster and Lawrence Clay Bey.

Of course the great irony with this video is what Tyson answers the very first question with which makes the whole explanation of his "sickness" even more hilarious.

Thanks to BBGambini33 for this clip (note some offensive language)
It's only fair after laughing at Zab Judah take one to the dick yesterday that we show we are gender equal here at www.weirdboxing.info and we get to see a woman hit low. Whilst this may be distasteful to some (I assume feminists) it is only “fair” considering we will be showing a fair amount of “ball breaking” on this site.

The bout, from 2009 shows Peruvian Kina Malpartida making the first defence of her WBA female Super Featherweight title against Halanna Dos Santos. Malpartida would eventually go on to stop Dos Santos in round 7 though the highlight of the entire bout was this shot to the baby maker in round 4. You can tell by the Brazilian's face that this genuinely hurt, sadly however the clip doesn't contain any slow motion replays so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the shot about 3 seconds in.

Following this fight Dos Santos' career would slide quite badly going 2-2 in her next 4 before hanging up the gloves in 2011 with a record of 13-4 (8). For Kina Malpartida however things are still rosy, she is still the WBA female Super Featherweight Champion and has defended her title another 3 times. Malpartida is looking to make another successful title defence when she faces Thai teenager Sriphrae Nongkipahuyuth in just a few days time on a fight televised by Peru ATV.

Video thanks to the wonderfully named LadySexyBoobs (I couldn't have made that up, could I?)
Miguel "Dick breaker" Cotto
Despite being fans of boxing we are also fans of comedy and humour and the simplest form of comedy for us is seeing one man punch another square in the balls. What makes this particular clip even funnier however are the comments made by the recipient, the very talented but very inconsistent Zab "Super" Judah.

Judah, a former 2-weight world champion came into this bout looking to re-establish himself following losses to Carlos Baldomir and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Cotto on the other hand was looking to continue his unbeaten streak which had stretched to an impressive 29 straight wins.

This clip comes from round 3 of the bout that took place in 2007 in the world famous Madison Square Garden. Listen very carefully to Judah's comments to referee Arthur Mercante Jr and then feel free to giggle like a school girl, we know we did.

Please note the language featured in this video MAY be considered offensive.

Video thanks to Kevvo2011

One of the big complaints with boxing in this day and age is the lack of "characters" involved in the sport. As a result of this we have decided to look at one of the most colourful characters of the last 20 years, legendary trainer Norman "Stoney" Stone.

Stone was the long term trainer of former 2-time Heavyweight champion John "The Quiet Man" Ruiz and more often than not Stoney made up for the lack of colour shown by his rather "boring" and bland charge. In fact Stoney's rants were often the most entertaining part of fights involving Ruiz. With what seems like tourettes Stoney's foul mouthed rants at his own fighter, the referee and anyone else willing to listen have made him a bit of legendary figure on boxing forums.

Stone seems like the type of person who could easily start a fight in an empty room but yet something about him is just fun to listen to.

Please be aware this video is full of swearing and abusive language. If you are easily offended do not watch it.

Video thanks to- martianzx