We're huge fans of songs about boxing and collection there is growing quite rapidly though one of our new favourites is "Mike Tyson Quotes" by Bandcamp, a song entirely made from Mike Tyson quotes. On paper Might seem simple and stupid but it's actually quite funny, catchy and well worth a listen by any boxing fan.

The video comes courtesy of JustDaveMusic
It's not often that you get to laugh at a crazy and foul mouthed Italian but the ever shouty Enzo Calzaghe has given us several opportunities to do so over the last year or so with "interesting" adverts for products ranging from natural supplements, to energy drinks to even a high street bookie. Yes, Enzo is an advertising genius (well something like that) as you'll see in the videos below.

Credit goes to-
Steve Sims (for the top video)
EnzoCalzaghe (second video)
and Coral Bookmakers (for the bottom video)

PictureCourtesy of Kameda Shop
Whilst we don't have a clip for this we do have a delightful photograph of what maybe one of the most obscure boxing related products. The Kameda Roll.

The Kameda family, the first in history in to feature 3 simultaneous world champions have extended their empire beyond boxing and now sell items of food, including the Kameda Roll. From what we gather the "Kameda Roll" is a melon and bread roll that is eaten chilled. We're unsure of where it is sold though we do admit that it doesn't appeal to our taste buds, even with the Kameda name on it.