Hype videos and advertising go hand in hand with sport, after all the television channels, especially pay-per-view and subscription services have a product to sell to the customer. So in 2011 when Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield faced Brian Nielsen it was obvious that some advertising was needed, after all I think everyone had thought both men had walked away from the sport.

At the the time Holyfield, then 48 (and with a record of 43-10-2-1, 29) was seen as completely gone. He had been fortunate to score a No Contest against Sherman Williams 4 months earlier and everyone had assumed that Holyfield v Sherman would be the end of the Evander story, sadly it wasn't. Instead of retiring Holyfield decided to fight in Denmark against Danish legend Brian Nielsen (then 64-2, 43).

Like Holyfield Nielsen was an old man (though younger than Holyfield at just 46) and old man who certainly was retired having been out of the ring for over 9 years. As well as being old Nielsen was also clearly out of shape (as you can see in the video) though oddly he was also at a career lightest weight of 238lbs.

Of course this fight, a total farce, was some hold sold to Danish PPV stations and amazingly somebody (somewhere) did actually pay to see it. Thankfully the undercard did have some saving graces with the talented Cecilia Braekhus facing Chevelle Hallback and Kubrat Pulev stopping Derrick Rossy, though the main event was, as expected, a dud.

Video is thanks to viasatdk

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