It's never every day you heart Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest", admit that he needs help with things. Beck in the 1970's however he openly admitting he need help.

Ali was telling us all that whilst he was able to cope with anything on 2 legs he wasn't as good with things that had 6 legs and instead he needed the help of "d-CON" to rid him of roaches (no, not Freddie!).

Ali not only did photograph style adverts (see the picture) but also featured in television adverts for the brand (see below thanks to commercialclassic).

Oddly whilst Big George and his grills are widely remembered not many really recall Ali's roach killing traps and sprays. Despite the forgotten link D-con do continue to market traps, though they've turned their deadly attention to mice. I assume they found out that roaches are indestructible (a bit like Ali's chin).

Note-there were at least 2 Ali adverts for "D-Con". The one below is for the spray whilst the other one is for the traps (that you can see in the picture above)

In the mid 1970's Muhammad Ali was not only the World Heavyweight Champion  but also arguably the biggest star in the world. Where he went the public took attention and this genuinely lead to some bizarre events including this very public stunt with professional wrestling legend Gorilla Monsoon (Robert James "Gino" Marella).

After Monsoon sent his opponent "Baron" Mikel Scicluna out of the ring the Baron decided to take a count out loss and waved off his opponent. Enter stage right a certain Mr Ali who takes off his top and challenges Monsoon to an impromptu bout.

This was one of a number of "wrestling" matches that Ali was involved in, having also faced Kenny Jay (Kenny Benkowski) and Antonio Inoki (in a very dull and tedious 15 round affair that really isn't worth watching, not even for the historical aspect of the bout)

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