Whilst British boxing fans are busy discussing the upcoming bout between Dereck Chisora (15-3, 9) and David Haye (25-2, 23) we've decided to look through some of Chisora's many controversial moments. The first moment we've decided to look at takes place during Chisora's second bout with Paul Butlin.

When Butlin first faced Chisora back in 2008 Butlin had given the Zimbabwe born Chisora the toughest bout of his career up to that point. Whilst Chisora moved to 4-0 (1) and Butlin fell to 11-4 (2) some had felt that the 39-37 score for Chisora was slightly generous for the unbeaten man.

In 2009 the men fought a rematch with Butlin (then 12-8, 3) given just 5 days notice to face Chisora (then 9-0, 5). By the 5th round Chisora had started to become frustrated by the fact that Butlin wasn't going to just roll over for him. After Butlin threw a flurry (mostly landing on the gloves of Chisora) the two men tied up, then, on the blind side of referee Dave Parris Chisora chose to take a bite at Butlin's right ear.

Whilst Chisora had "gotten" away with it in the ring he had been caught on video camera by Sky TV who were recording the bout and he would later be hit with a fine (£2,500) and a multi-month ban from the sport. Although he won the bout on points he had gotten into hot water and as we have seen it wouldn't be the last time.

After the bout Chisora was reported as saying "Butlin didn't come to fight that night and I was bored stiff. I thought I'd liven things up a little bit. Would I do it again? I'd probably bite it off next time." Something that was highly unfair on Butlin who had been given just a few days notice.

Video below shows the bite and is thanks to boxingpreview1

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