Miguel "Dick breaker" Cotto
Despite being fans of boxing we are also fans of comedy and humour and the simplest form of comedy for us is seeing one man punch another square in the balls. What makes this particular clip even funnier however are the comments made by the recipient, the very talented but very inconsistent Zab "Super" Judah.

Judah, a former 2-weight world champion came into this bout looking to re-establish himself following losses to Carlos Baldomir and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Cotto on the other hand was looking to continue his unbeaten streak which had stretched to an impressive 29 straight wins.

This clip comes from round 3 of the bout that took place in 2007 in the world famous Madison Square Garden. Listen very carefully to Judah's comments to referee Arthur Mercante Jr and then feel free to giggle like a school girl, we know we did.

Please note the language featured in this video MAY be considered offensive.

Video thanks to Kevvo2011

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