It's only fair after laughing at Zab Judah take one to the dick yesterday that we show we are gender equal here at and we get to see a woman hit low. Whilst this may be distasteful to some (I assume feminists) it is only “fair” considering we will be showing a fair amount of “ball breaking” on this site.

The bout, from 2009 shows Peruvian Kina Malpartida making the first defence of her WBA female Super Featherweight title against Halanna Dos Santos. Malpartida would eventually go on to stop Dos Santos in round 7 though the highlight of the entire bout was this shot to the baby maker in round 4. You can tell by the Brazilian's face that this genuinely hurt, sadly however the clip doesn't contain any slow motion replays so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the shot about 3 seconds in.

Following this fight Dos Santos' career would slide quite badly going 2-2 in her next 4 before hanging up the gloves in 2011 with a record of 13-4 (8). For Kina Malpartida however things are still rosy, she is still the WBA female Super Featherweight Champion and has defended her title another 3 times. Malpartida is looking to make another successful title defence when she faces Thai teenager Sriphrae Nongkipahuyuth in just a few days time on a fight televised by Peru ATV.

Video thanks to the wonderfully named LadySexyBoobs (I couldn't have made that up, could I?)

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