If you're a combat sports fan and you're just waking up today and hitting the forums and the such you'll see one major talking subject. Anderson Silva v Chris Weidman.

Silva, a long term unbeaten champion in the UFC and the man widely regarded as the best pound-for-pound MMA fight was sensationally stopped last night as he was toying with Weidman. With his hands down by his side he was trying to show off his speed and elusiveness despite being 38 years old.

Funnily it appears that Silva wasn't trying to impress Roy Jones Jr, who was sat ringside, but instead was trying to do an impression of Nate Campbell. Sadly his impression was just a little too good and like Campbell, when he fought Robbie Peden, Silva was knocked out, as you can see below (thanks to KTFO187).

It's a shame that Silva hadn't heard the commentary at the very end of this video.

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