A week ago we featured a clip of Samart Payakaroon doing "The Matrix" against Juan Meza. Payakaroon now gets a second entry into weird boxing thanks to this clip from Thai movie "The Bodyguard" (2006).

The movie, despite it's title, isn't a remake of the US smash but is an action comedy that everyone should watch, especially for scenes like the one below.

Amazingly the film features not only Samart but also both Galaxy brothers. I don't think any other movie has such an illustrious cast of boxers.

Whilst the clip, thanks to mrsierraleone007, has very little to actually do with boxing it still seems worth of a place in weird boxing because it's Samart, who looks amazing for a man in his mid 40's, it's funny and because it's a a bit of fun from one of the great Muay Thai fighters of all time

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