Heckling is a funny old business. I recently went to a Reginald D Hunter show and his chief support was British based Canadian Pete Johansson. When Johansson started talking about British society and the lower classes pumping out kids without thinking about the consequences he was heckled by someone who could only be described as a "typical chav".

Johansson, unsurprisingly, "owned" the heckler and genuinely embarrassed the guy in a public display of verbal battery.

That guy may have felt bad about his heckle, but the crowd who were giving Tony Booth a hard time in the clip below probably feel a bit worse.

Booth a bona fide journeyman took the fight on short notice and was clearly not in great shape. This caused the fans to start chanting "You fat bastard" at Booth who answered them in the greatest way possible, by dancing and then knocking out hometown fighter Mervyn Langdale.

Interestingly going in to this bout Booth had a career record of 46 wins, 93 losses and 9 draws, including just a sole win in his last 16 contests whilst Langdale however was unbeaten (0-0-1).

The video, one of the funniest moments in a British ring, comes courtesy of Dave Ash.

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