I never really understood the idea of "Youth" titles though I had always assumed they were to be fought for by two...well...youngsters, however it seems that that, is not always the case and that age is just presumable a number.

Earlier this evening Mexican youngster Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez (23-0, 19) defended his WBC Youth Middleweight title against Colombian veteran Richard Gutierrez (26-10-1-1, 16). The 21 year Ramirez Sanchez has now made 6 defenses of this title and I think we're all willing to accept that he's a "youth", at least in terms of boxing. His opponents however will struggle to be called "youths".

The first title defense for Ramirez Sanchez was just over a year ago as he beat Oney Valdez, Valdez was 36. The second defense was against just months later and came against Amilcar Edgardo Funes Melian, Melian was more youthful than Valdez but was 29. Colombian Samuel Miller was 32, Costa Rican Jaime Barboza was 33, and Gutierrez was 34. (Note-I've not got an age for Isaac Mendez, the only other title defense for Ramirez Sanchez).

Now, like I said, I accept Ramirez Sanchez is a "youth" however how are men well into their 30's considered youths? What exactly does the WBC term as a "youth"? And why isn't Ramirez Sanchez (who is admittedly one of my favourite prospects) facing other youth fighters? The Middleweight division is full of youth with fighters like Billy Joe Saunders, Alex Theran, John Ryder, Chris Eubank Jr, Demetrius Andrade, Marcos Reyes and Dominik Britsch (just to name a few)...so why are old men managing to fight for a "Youth" title that really should be fought for between guys like those I've just name?

Come on WBC if you're going to have a youth title at least keep it to the youths!

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