Gun Hero=Soldier, right?
Some names are obviously not real despite them being a fighters "fighting" name. One such name is the excellent, yet obscure, Gun Hero (2-3).

Although genuinely unknown outside of his homeland of Indonesia, Gun Hero has actually managed to fit a 50 rounds in to his professional career that started back in April 2011.

On his professional debut Mr Hero out gunned (see what I did there?) Hofifi Arjat over 12 rounds for the Indonesia Boxing Commission Super Bantamweight title.

Sadly Hero was to lose in his second professional contest as the experienced Arief Blader claimed a decision over 10 rounds in a bout for the Indonesia Boxing Association Super Bantamweight title.

Sadly since starting his career with successive title fights Gun has not fought in a major bout for almost 2 years as he's gone 1-2 in local bouts as his record has become less interesting than his excellent name.

For those wondering, the picture above isn't of Gun Hero but a hero with a gun...
*watches the tumbleweed*

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