For this website I read about a lot of weird and wonderful things to do with the world of professional boxing, this however shocked even me. Former England International Cricket player Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff is to become a boxer.

Yes for those who thought misread that, Freddie Flintoff loos set to become a professional boxer.

Whilst competitors in others sports have managed to turn their hand to boxing successfully, notable Anthony "The Man" Mudine, they usually do it early in their career. Flintoff however is 34 years old and was forced to retire from his original sport after a series of injuries effectively cut his playing time down at the top level.

A well liked, and hugely respected competitor Flintoff was known for both his big hitting (which he will need in the ring), his fast bowling and his relentless dive to succeed. He will need to show this same drive to not only get in to shape for boxing (having not been in top level sport for over 2 years) but also to get a professional boxing license from the British Boxing Board of Control.

In the build up to Flintoff's professional debut Sky in the UK are going to show a 2-part documentary showing the trials and tribulations of Flintoff's transformation as former world champion Barry MacGuigan takes the 6'4" former all rounder under his wing.

Whether Flintoff manages to get far in the ring or not is something we will have to watch to find out about, however it will certainly be fun to see how the man, famous for the "Pedalo Incident" will get with the gloves on.

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