One of the strangest boxing stories of the last week is up there with oddest sports stories of the last week.

A Japanese pop singer will give up the microphone and instead take to the boxing ring in a professional boxing contest.

Whilst Japanese pop group Kimaguren aren't a world wide name in terms of music they are a pretty big name in Japanese music. The two-piece, which features KUREI (on the left of the picture) and ISEKI (on the right), have released several chart hits, though now KUREI (real name Yuki Clay) will be looking to land hits in the ring.

Scheduled to make his debut on November 29th Clay will be facing a fully trained fighter in what is likely to make a number of Japanese girls worry about the well being of their singing idol.

I'll admit I'm that Clay wins and then calls out Justin Beiber. Though saying that I'm probably in the minority.

For those wondering about the music of Kimaguren there is a song of there's below. I'll admit they aren't great but there is something infectious about them.

Video courtesy of Yoru13

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