Last weekend saw IBF Lightweight champion Miguel Vazquez (32-3, 13) retain his world title with a hard fought victory over fellow Mexican Marvin Quintero (25-4, 21). Sadly the excellent didn't collate the scores for the bout however the popular view seems to be that there was only a round or two between the fighters. Our sister site scored it 116-112 to Vazquez whilst over 60% of live HBO viewers felt that Quintero, who had forced the action through out the bout was the winner.

Which ever way you saw the fight, it was close you couldn't clearly give either man more than 8 rounds, they were both forced to fight hard and both had some clear rounds, both had some narrow rounds and both tried, and often failed, to force their will on to the fight. Judge Don Trella however saw things very differently to the vast majority of fight fans and gave the bout in favour of Vazquez by a ridiculous scorecard of 118-110, a vastly different card to judges Don Ackerman (115-113-Quintero) and Tom Schreck (116-112-Vazquez).

The result it's self was roundly booed by those in attendance though that was partly down to Vazquez's negativity as opposed to the flat out decision however the boos perhaps should have been aimed at Judge Trella for his frankly suspect score card. 

For the whole night of fights this was the the standout "bad egg" of a card. Thankfully Trella's record of judging does actually seem pretty solid, with only a few "poor" cards (including a 115-112 in the Omar Andres Narvaez v Cesar Seda bout from 2011, having Juan Urango up against Devon Alexander prior to the stoppage in round 8 of their bout from 2010 and a 98-92 card in favour of John Duddy against Walid Smichet) but nothing outstandingly bad.

For Trella this is more of a warning than anything else. We have our eyes on you sir, be careful! We all know that Miguel Vazquez v Mercito Gesta was all but planned for December but you really don't need to turn in a ridiculous card to make sure that bout takes place!

Casper Schipper
9/20/2017 02:25:53 am

GGG - Canelo 114-114...


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