It's very rare that the two best fighters in any division ever meet. One rare occasion was "The Battle of the Z Boys".

The bout, oddly a 10-round none title bout featured both the unbeaten WBC Bantamweight Carlos Zarate (then 45-0, 44) and the then unbeaten WBA champion Alfonso Zamora (then 29-0, 29).

Yes you did read that right the men had a combined record of 74-0 (73). The men were amongst the hardest punchers in boxing history and by the time they'd both retired they'd only had 4 decision victories combined from an amazing 99 combined victories.

As most would expect this bout didn't go the distance, though lets be honest that wouldn't be anything to earn a place on "Weird Boxing" (despite the amazing records of the two men). No, what earns "The Battle of the Z Boys" a place on weird boxing is the 4th man in the ring.

Yes the 4th man in the ring.

After less than a minute of the bout a member of the crowd rushed into the ring apparently drunk. This forced the referee to bring the action to a stop whilst he was dealt with.

Within seconds of the action stopping a troop of armed police stormed the ring as he was trying to talk. I might be wrong but I think he was trying to say "I'm so sorry, I thought my trousers were in here". Whatever he did say didn't seem to do him any favours as the police forcefully removed him, effectively tossing him out of the ring and dragging him along the apron before carting him off like a very naughty boy.

As soon as the man was removed the two men got straight back to work landing bombs on each other as they continued the bout as if nothing happened.

The video of the incident, and the first 2 rounds can be seen below thnaks to C4N1T01976.

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